Friday, October 4, 2013

Ikea hell

I like Ikea.  Even though I don't like building my own furniture.  It's one of my happy places.  Give me inexpensive modern minimalist furnishings any day.  Furniture with no sentimental attachment.  That is good for me because we move a lot and our furniture can't always go with us.   I save my sentimental attachment for my family, my dog and my clothes ;) 

Anyway, we decided to replace our ugly €20 bookshelves we bought as newlyweds six years ago and pick up a couple organizer like things to organize the stuff we already have.   And curtains, since our bathroom currently has none.  That's important.

In my head I imagined we would go to Ikea in the morning, swiftly breeze through picking up said few things.  We'd be home before noon and unpacked by the end of the day.  Then we could enjoy our weekend.


First we didn't even leave by noon.  Since Sophie is teething she was terribly grumpy and couldn't seem to fall asleep in the car like she normally would.  So the first thing we had against us was a grumpy toddler.

Second, since it was chilly today I thought it might be a great day to wear my newly re-soled cowgirl boots.  Which just so happen to have three inches of heel.   Now these boots used to be quiet comfortable but those were the days before life came with a squirmy ten kilo child insisting on being carried by mama and not papa.  Normally I don't have any problem carrying her but normally I wear flats. Always flats and always the more comfortable shoes made by mankind.

My breezy browsing through Ikea with Sophie sitting pretty in a shopping cart was replaced by me lugging both her and my million pound baby bag.   Clearly I have spoiled my feet with moccasins because they were screaming with every step.   Suddenly I was grumpy too.  Wondering why Ikea was so damned big and why I had to walk a mile just to get to the one changing room in the whole place.  I was ready to quit before we even started.

So if you want to make a  normally plesant trip to Ikea more like hell follow these steps:

1.  Bring a cranky 18 month old who hasn't napped properly.

2. Wear stupid shoes.

3. Realize you can't fit everything in your family car because of the car seat.

4. Carry everything yourself instead of offloading heavy baby bag on spouse.

5. Leave late, don't eat a proper lunch and make sure you didn't get enough sleep the night before.

One a more upbeat note, in my misery I committed to drinking more red wine in the form of six positively lovely and huge punch bowl red wine glasses.  After we got home I decided Redgie and I needed some quality time.  While the Hubby and Sophie made dinner Redge and I walked to the beverage market. We took our time finding a good bottle of lieblich red wine, Spanish not German, as I have been advised.

So today had a happy ending.  And I learned absolutely no more heels, ever.  Never, ever, ever.   Which might mean now I need new ankle boots :)  (or maybe I'm just kidding, my husband reads this sometimes).


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