Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Research paticipants needed

Hey internet.

I'm writing my big bad mater thesis right now, while also taking a full load of classes.  Now I'm starting to understand why most of my peers take a gap semester, internship or go abroad before they write their thesis. I'm only in Germany until October, so I have no choice but to finish ASAP.

And we're planning an international move.

And applying for my husband's green card/immigrant visa.

While just being a normal human/mom/pre diabetic/dealing with secondary infertility/RPL.

Oh the joys, I tell you.

Actually I can't complain too much. At least life isn't boring and things are changing. I'm the kind of person who dies a little when things stagnate so it's nice that everything is happening, even it happens all at once.


I'm doing research again, this time on gender roles! Oh it's fun. I thought I'd be collecting data for months but it appears as in the less than two weeks I almost have 500 respondents. I am so close, like 30 people away from the magic number. The sooner my data collection is finished, the sooner I can move on to data analysis and all that.

So if you have 15 minutes please take my survey. And if you know any men/guys/dudes please ask them to take it too. As always, I have way more female respondents than males and I need a balanced sample this time.

Thanks so much,