Friday, April 13, 2012

European makeup

This is a post about makeup.

Most German women don't wear as much makeup as Americans.  Since moving here I've given up eyeliner and eyeshadow except on special occasions.  I'm terribly vain so I won't leave the house without makeup unless I'm jogging.  I still wear it every day, just a bit more natural than I would if I were living in the States. It's taken me years of searching before I found products in Europe to replace the ones I was buying in the US.  It's so very, very hard.  Most of the makeup I bought in the US isn't sold in Europe. 

One of my biggest obstacles was finding mineral foundation.  Almost all the mineral foundation in Germany has glitter in it!  It sparkles.  I do not want to sparkle.  I just want an even skin tone.  Every time I would compliment one of my friends in the US on their flawless skin they'd say 'thanks but actually I'm wearing (insert name of mineral foundation that can't be bought in Europe)'.

I thought I could run down to the nearest drug store and pick up some L'oreal mineral foundation BUT no.  Drug stores in Germany only carry this stuff in colors like Buff, Golden and Beige.  If you've never been to Northern Europe, let me tell you, there is no sunlight here.  It's almost impossible to get a tan so I don't have one.  I'm pale, pale white.  I have no idea why, but apparently German drug stores think everyone has a nice dark tan or don't buy makeup that matches their skin tone.  Anyway, I finally found one single brand, ArtDeco, that doesn't sparkle and is pale so that's what I use.

I was also happy to discover that Burt's Bees lip balm is sold in most Budnikowski drug stores and there are Mac stores in some Douglases.   

My European makeup essentials below.

European makeup

Dior mascara, Burt's Bee lip balm, Art Deco mineral foundation, Neutrogena blemish concealer, Art Deco under eye concealer, Dior Peachy Keen blush, Mac eyeshadow and eyebrow powder

Monday, April 9, 2012

The last baby's clothes post ever

Ok, I forgot Zara.

I'd probably go broke if I tried to buy even half of this stuff but maybe I can find some of it on sale.

Baby's clothes pink and white

baby's clothes turquoise and peach

One more baby clothes post

I'm having so much fun with this. Just indulge me a little bit.  I haven't bought anything from H&M besides the navy polka dot dress in the last set.  But here are some of things I am thinking about.  I really like the navy, red and coral stuff.  Also the floral dresses, so cute!

baby's clothes yellow and turquoise

Baby's clothes navy and coral