Sunday, May 6, 2012

Are Germans more romantic than Americans?

This is something that I sometimes find myself wondering.  Romantic might not be the best way to put it but it's close.  None of my friends back home ever jet off to Paris for the weekend with their significant other but practically every couple I know of in Germany has done that at least once.  Including H and I.  It doesn't get more romcom than Paris in Summer.  I know it's not fair, Paris is only an hour away but surely great big America has something similar.  Wine country?  New York?  Miami?  New Hampshire?

Anyway, I wonder if I'm the only one who shares the sentiment that Germans make better relationship material.  Here are some random observations.  Keep in mind that this is just my perspective.

1.  Germans are not commitmentphobes.  It seems like everyone is always in a relationship and the relationships are always serious.  They usually move in together a lot more quickly than my friends in the US.  I never hear Germans complain that someone won't commit or won't take the relationship to the next level.  I've also never heard anyone complain about living with their significant other and not getting a timely marriage proposal. It's always meet, move in together, maybe get a dog and then break up or get married.  Rinse and repeat until you find the right one or decide to have kids.

2. A lot of Germans like their significant other and children.  This is weird.  I'm so used to Americans who complain about the burden of family life that I was actually shocked to hear my students say they didn't want to go on business trips to South Africa, New York or Australia because they don't want to be away from their families.  Say what?  I was always under the impression that everyone wanted to get away from their families!  That all parents dreamed of weekends lounging on sandy beaches with cocktails in hand getting plenty of 'me time'.  Not always so.  When asking Germans with families what they did over the weekend the answer is always something like 'I played with my children and took my wife shopping.' or 'We took the children to the animal park and then I took my husband out to dinner.'  For real.  Germans also like to talk about how great their families are.  They always say positive things about their significant others and children.  It's scandalous, I know.

3. They travel together.  Either as a couple or a family, Germans are all about travel.  And it's not like they don't also travel with their friends as well.  Taking family/couple trips seems to strengthen relationships and everyone loves to talk about their awesome travel.

4. Germans are all caring and gooey deep down inside.  They might have a stone cold heart reputation but once you get to know them they are actually all sweet and thoughtful.  Are you sick?  Expect the Germans to make you chicken noodle from scratch and bring you flowers and medicine and take out your trash.  Are you a student strapped for cash?  That's ok, the Germans will totally fly you to Berlin and put you up in a hotel for the week.  They also like to cook romantic dinners, drink champagne, and might surprise you with thoughtful gifts and will give your their coat if you're under dressed and cold.  They also really, really love their pets.

5. They don't seem to care if you split the bills 50-50.  They just love you, even if you're poor.*  You can move in and they will pay the rent.  They don't mind.  They might also buy you groceries and drive you around.

6. They return your phone calls and text messages.

7. Sometimes they are 1980s cheesy-romantic but they think it's cool.  So if you send a stupid sounding drunk text it's probably not going to be a deal breaker.

8. I've never met any Germans with Peter Pan syndrome.  They seem to be, overall, more responsible at a younger age.  They usually get their own flats when they go to school or start working so they learn important life skills like how to clean a bathroom and cook an egg.  Ok, so a lot of the college educated Germans don't have real jobs until they're in their late 20s but still, knowing how to mop the floor and pay the utility bill on time is priceless.  It also helps that they don't usually end up living in their parent's basements.

Any more thoughts?  No? Ok.

The end.

*This may apply to women more than men.


  1. So glad you posted this because I completely agree! Yes, I may be biased since I have a German of my own, but...I think it's true. Everyone is always in a committed relationship, and I was shocked at how much families do together (that's so sad isn't it?). I love when Henning talks about planning romantic jaunts around the world and it's adorable how excited he is for me to move back (even though it's a year away...) and, I can always expect a text when I wake up :)

  2. I definitely think Europeans are more romantic than Americans in general. Maybe it's because working less hours and having more holiday time leaves you feeling more relaxed and romantic like. I'm so happy I live here :)

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