Monday, October 14, 2013

Berlin day 1: my feet hurt

I would like to use this as an opportunity to call attention to something everyone already knows.  Berlin is a big city.  Like it's bigger than Chicago and it's way way way bigger than any other German city.  It has real city blocks.  I got off at the wrong train station because I'm a rookie who just jumped on the train without checking (how hard could it be?) and found myself lost and walking aimlessly with my toddler.  After half an hour looking for the U I gave up and caught the next regional train where we needed to be.  Then more walking and standing and walking.   Lots of carrying my stroller up and down stairs because everyone in Germany knows that the elevator is reserved for perfectly healthy adults who just don't feel like using the stairs and I'm too impatient to wait for them to go first. 

I learned that Tauentzienstraße is not the place for me.  It's got one of my favorite landmarks but the shopping there is not good.  It's too spread out and crowded.  So many buses full of tourists blocking the sidewalk.  The Zara kids section didn't have Sophie's size in jeans and no place had children's raincoats.  The line at the Starbucks was so long we skipped it and the changing room at Karstadt was just ok.  I am going to visit Schlossstraße next week because they have a Primark but I've been informed by my husband that the best shopping is at Alexanderplatz.

Today was a little test run.  Wednesday is more serious business as we are going to a new playgroup.  Sophie did not throw a tantrum, for the first time in weeks.  She napped in her stroller and generally acted like she used to in Hamburg.  I hope this is a sign she is starting to adjust.   Sophie was so exhausted she fell asleep at 7:30.  That's perfect because it's Zombie Monday!  Last year the Hubbs realized how awesome the Walking Dead is so he'll be watching it with me.  :)



  1. Definitely head to Primark in the morning on a weekday, it's insane and unbearable any other time! I am not really a Ku'Damm fan, it's good for the tourists, not so much for the locals. Alexanderplatz is also super busy, but the Alexa does have a lot of stores. Welcome to Berlin, i hope your feet get used to a the walking ;)

    1. Thanks for the advice! I hate crowds so so much. I am hoping to get used to the walking soon, it is supposed to be healthier than driving everywhere :)