Monday, September 9, 2013

❤ Zara for Fall ❤

Fall 2013

Zara short trench coat, €76 / American Eagle Outfitters jeggings jeans, €23 / Zara slipper, €69 / Zara short boots, €76 / Zara shopper, €46 / Zara handbag, €38

I have been avoiding thinking about this last business trip H is taking before starting his new job in Berlin.  He's going to be gone for three weeks.  Three!  Blah, lets not talk about it, yeah?  I like to distract myself with difficult tasks, like buying a new handbag.  I came this close to buying a wine colored Courtney hobo but the customer service people for are a nightmare.  When it looked very likely that a new bag wasn't going to be delivered in time for my mom's flight today I canceled it.  I'm glad I did too because I think I found something better at Zara for a fifth of the price.  I love the burgundy and cognac leather that's everywhere this year.   It's too bad my husband hates leopard print because I really, really love leopard print flats as well.  
Today when we woke up it was pouring rain and in the 50s.  I have a feeling that Fall might already be here.  The changing weather doesn't mean I'm buying all new stuff though.  Some of H's economical habits have rubbed off on me over the years.  Like this year we actually got around to listing some clothing on ebay.  I was surprised by how well used clothing sells, especially brands typically marketed to teenagers.  What's up with that?  

Speaking of teenagers, I can't quit American Eagle jeans.  No matter how many other pairs I try I can't find any that fit my body type as well or are as comfortable.  My mom dream came true and they made a high rise skinny jean.  Not having to pull up my jeans x times a day is heaven.  Seriously, $30 for a pair of cute jeans?  I'm going to be wearing them until I'm 50.

Some other economical decisions were to get a pair of ankle boots resoled.  If I find a pair of boots I like then I keep them forever.  I love Zara boots and my black pair are on their second soles but other than that they look as good as new.  

The cold means more cooking.  I got a few pounds of chickpeas and lentils on sale.  I'm planning on practicing some new recipes.  That's not very exciting, I'm sorry.  Maybe I will learn how to make a roast and my husband will be impressed.  How hard can it be?  Don't you just put the huge piece of beef in the oven?  I don't know, not into roasting anything other than vegetables.  

 I went sort of blonde, or as blonde as I could considering I have naturally brown hair.  I was at the salon for three hours getting it bleached, hence the selfies above.  It was not fun but at least my hair isn't in a state of disaster any longer.


  1. You're brave, posting salon pics :) What us women go through, hah-ha! :) Danica

    1. I forgot a book and was so bored! And it turns out my terrible vanity doesn't stop me from posting unflattering salon pics :)

  2. I need ALL OF THIS!
    Leopard flats are my favorite way to spruce up an outfit :)