Monday, September 9, 2013

Toys for tots part one

Buying toys for babies and toddlers is tricky.  Some people have said that babies don't need toys, just give them a paper towel rolls and empty cartons!  I have no doubt that works for some kids but not for Sophie.  If you give her anything paper she will joyfully eat it despite all the nasty paper chemicals therein.  I believe in taking kids outside and on outings most days but in between breakfast and nap time or on rainy days toys are important.  Toddlers and babies can't tell you what they want to play with.  Like most parents I want to invest in toys that are going to help Sophie learn and develop not just things to keep her occupied all day.  I have not always been successful in my toy buying ventures.  There are some things that sadly never saw any play.  But here are some things that have been a hit at our house.

1. Ikea soft role play farm with animal

Sophie loves this.  It's the first thing she goes to play with every morning.  H picked it out the last time we were at Ikea.  I probably would have thought it was too expensive, €20 for the farm plus another €10 for the rest of the animals. 
Extra animals, a must have!
Folds up into a neat little box at the end of the day.
Her favorite animal is the cat, which she carries around petting while cooing the German interjection for petting animals.   Could anything be cuter?  She will tell you that the cow goes 'moo' and the sheep says 'baaa'.  It's also something I can see her playing with as she gets older.

2. My big animal book
I have read this so many times.  So many.  As you can tell animals are a big hit at our house.  I think it's a stage most children go through. 

 2. Snail rocking animal
We got this for Sophie's fist birthday but she didn't start playing with it until she learned to walk properly.  Since then we named him Charlie and he always makes her smile.  He plays Mozart and has a compartment in his shell where we like to keep toys.  Sometimes she just plays the music and then dances around the snail petting his head.  That's ok too.

3. Singing nursery rhyme book

Sophie is into music so I got her the German version of this singing nursery rhyme book.  It's small which is great for travel and keeping her occupied in a hotel room, airplane or bus.

4. Noah's Arche
Something about Noah's ark appeals to children.  Maybe because the animals are in pairs?  And they're on a boat?  Who knows.  I had to do a little bit of searching for a Noah's ark toy that was suitable for children aged under three.  Which is why I went with the plastic version instead of the slightly prettier wooden ones.  I'm glad I did because Sophie is teething and the last thing I want is the ingestion of wood and paint.  This is her second favorite toy after the Ikea farm.  She plays with it every day.  I also like that Emzara doesn't look like a pilgrim. 

5. Horns to Toes and In Between
This book is so cute.  How could you not love rhymes about big furry monsters and their body parts?  Now that Sophie knows a lot of these words she will grab her nose when we read about noses and etc..  Love.

This last one is cheating because while Sophie likes it I'm adding it because it's my favorite board book.  I like it so much I ordered two more by the same author.  Hands down quiet possibly the best bedtime book ever written.  I never get tired of reading it to her.
The end.

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