Sunday, December 2, 2012

Buying toys for baby

I've been thinking about getting my baby girl some toys.  Sophie is one of the only babies I know who doesn't have a ton of stuff.  We didn't get very many gifts when she was born because we live so far away from all our family and friends.  Most of the things her grandparents bought for her were big purchases like a stroller or crib. 

When my Mom arrived two weeks ago one of the first things we did was head out to the toy store.  After looking everything over we carefully selected this fantastic toy for Sophie.  It moves, lights up, sings and talks. 

Bright Starts Having a Ball Roll and Chase Bumble Bee: Baby
It looks like the best toy ever, right?  Except that it made Sophie cry every time she saw it.  Turns out moving-glowing-talking robot bees are scary.  (Confession: I used it as a baby scarecrow by putting it front of my laptop so she's stay away from it.  I know, I know, I'm so mean.)  Now she's seen it enough to not be scared of it but she still isn't very interested in actually playing with it.  This got me to thinking about what I could get her that she'd enjoy and play with for years to come.  Right now some of her favorite toys are 3 stacking cups from the drug store and Lamaze stuffed animals. 

Below are my favorites.  I picked these out for Sophie especially.  She is pretty advanced for her age physically as she is crawling properly and sitting up completely alone.  She also loves music. I didn't add any books because there was no room and books are an entirely different category to me.

Learning toys for babies

Edushape Baby Xylophone Musical Toy, €16 / Skip Hop Treetop Friends Animal Ball Trio, €12 / Haba Eene, Meene, Miny Zoo, €35 / Fisher Price - Precious Planet Kick & Play Piano Crib Toy:..., €38 / Haba Fantasy Blocks: Toys & Games, €28 / Hide N Squeak Eggs: Toys & Games, €19 / Haba Cozy Chicken Clutching Toy: Baby, €10 / BRIO 30193 - Schildkröte: Spielzeug / Sigikid 40127 Greifling Katze: Baby

I purchased the Piano crib toy from after Sophie loved playing with something similar at a friend's house.  Another Mom tipped me off on a Fisher Price baby jumper also from  I couldn't believe it, the jumper on ebay was over 100 € less expensive than the jumper we tried to buy for Sophie months ago.   The Cat, shape sorter and wooden turtle I ordered from   Everything else will have to wait for Christmas.

My fingers are crossed she's going to like her new stuff! 


  1. I think HABA toys are great for babies and kids!

  2. Those cheap stackable cups keeps them occupied for ages. Love it! Oh and I see the Fisher Price Kick n Play piano. Glad Sophie loves it too. And the puppet book is just fab. Guess what? Maya's gonna get the FP shape sorter and blocks for Xmas, from her Oma & Opa. Great to know we share similar taste :-)

    1. I'd be totally lost if I didn't know any other Moms. I bought Sophie those stackable cups after Hadley mentioned Corva loved playing with them. When I go into the toy store I have no idea what to buy.

  3. Those toys you got her are great, some even good for her motor skills! Just go with the age-appropriate toys and of stuff she loves and you can't go wrong :-)