Saturday, August 2, 2014

Kindergarten clothes

Back to school toddler

3/4-Sleeve Print Dress Carter's, €12 / Sateen Fox Print Dress Carter's, €14 / Sateen Print Skirt Carter's, €9,85 / Bottoms Pants, €8,06 / Sparkle Star Tights Carter's, €8,21 / Sweater Knit Cardigan Carter's, €16 / Toddler Girl Dresses |, €11 / Toddler Girl Tops & T-Shirts |, €11 / Toddler Girl Shoes & Slippers |, €17

Sadly Sophie aged out of Zara's cute baby clothes.  Their children's section is a lot darker/more serious/ more grown up than the baby clothes.  I'm not ready to but my 'baby' in a 90s inspired maroon flower print dress quite yet.  Plus Sophie doesn't understand why she can't stay in her pajamas all day.  Occasionally she flat out refuses to get dressed in the morning.  She's going to Kindergarten in the Fall and I want to have as few morning power struggles as possible.  I was so happy and excited to see Carter's has really cute animal print dresses and clothes for Fall.  Coaxing Sophie into a cat print top or skirt is way easier than flowers or stripes.  She adores animals and I think she'll be thrilled to get a couple animal things to wear to Kindergarten.  

What do you think?  Do you dress a toddler like a mini adult or stick with more childish things like these colorful animal prints?  



  1. Super cute stuff! Everyone keeps telling me I should check Zara out but for some reason I keep going to H&M! Are the prices comparable?
    :) Danica

    1. I try to buy Zara on sale but sometimes the basics are about the same as H&M. You should check them out!