Sunday, February 9, 2014

The weather is taunting me

While the USA is having a long and snowy Winter we're over here enjoying very mild weather.  We've had about two weeks of real Winter.  It got cold and I was very sad.  I couldn't walk my dog, my child was cranky and I gave up on fun snow days that always ended in tears.   It didn't last very long.  This week the weather turned around.  It warmed up, all the snow melted.  It's been sunny every single day.  

I didn't get to enjoy it at all.  First Sophie was sick and then I got sick.  I've been looking at the fabulous sunny weather from my couch surrounded by own snow storm of tissues feeling like there isn't enough bad reality tv in the world to keep me entertained.  I already read all my library books but I'm not well enough to go out and get more.  We had tons of super fun plans last week but ended up canceling them all.  Boo.  

I'm pretty sure by Monday I have to be better. 

I only hope the nice weather keeps it up.  I would be terribly sad if I missed the only sunny week.


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