Sunday, April 14, 2013

Flats for feet that walk

 This is a post about shoes and stuff.

Since getting pregnant and having Sophie I've only been wearing two pairs of shoes.  A pair of black Zara boots and a pair of black H&M flats one size too big.  Two pairs of shoes for two years.  I wasn't interested in shoes because my feet were swollen and then I had lots of weight to lose.  I wouldn't wear heels because I was afraid of stumbling and dropping Sophie.  She's getting older and I'm really bored with my two pairs of shoes so it's time to branch out.  My first quest was a comfortable pair of flats. 

These Minnetonka moccasins are my winners.   I tried a pair of Minnetonka slippers over the holidays and didn't like them.  I was willing to give the brand another chance and ordered these moccasins from Piperlime. Flats always hurt my feet or don't offer enough foot support.  These are so super comfortable!  They are really casual.  That's ok since I don't work or go anywhere fancy.  They match almost everything too.

Today I pushed a stroller for five k and my feet were happy.  It was the first day of Spring when we didn't need jackets or socks. 

I took my new shoes to the wild animal park in Malente.  It was a nice little hike. Redgie got some exercise and barked at the warthogs.  Sophie wasn't too impressed with them.  

H helped me figured out how to adjust Sophie's stroller.  Can you believe it was still on the settings we were using when she was four and a half months old?  I was so frustrated that the straps were too short and she wasn't sitting up straight.  Poor little girl must have been so uncomfortable. 

I pulled my Ugly Cowgirl Boots out of storage for the colder days.  Wooden heals are so loud, I get stares wherever I go.  Maybe I should trade them in for some ankle boots?  Ankle boots are everywhere these days. 


  1. Oooh, I love those shoes! I wear flats 95% of the time when it's warm, even though I have the same problems with the lack of support. All my shoes from last year are a mess and I wanted to try to wait until I go to the States to replace them but I don't think it'll be possible. I'm definitely going to check out that website, so thanks for the tip :)

    1. I like Piperlime, they have free returns! The really big online shoe store confuse me :)