Sunday, April 6, 2014


I thought it wouldn't be fair to go dark without an explanation.

I'm taking Nine and Ninety Nine off line in the next week or so.  I've submitted my grad school application.  Committing 40 hours a week to school plus being a mother, a wife, a human and taking care of a small stubborn dog is going to be a lot of work.  I want to spend the Summer focused on my family.  I know I won't have time for anything else once the Semester starts. 

So farewell Internet, it's been fun :)



  1. Going to miss your blog, it's been nice having a fellow American blogger just over the border. You always wrote thought provoking posts, or about you hair ha-ha! Good luck with school and once you find your balance (and some free time) hope you decide to start blogging again!
    :) Danica

  2. I'm going to really miss your blog too! Good luck with grad school!

  3. Wow, good luck on your new journey with grad school! I am going to miss this blog so much. I was never a blog reader until I started reading your blog. I have to say two things!!! First, I related to everything in your blog and felt like you were an old friend from the past. Maybe it is our midwestern backgrounds or similar interests. Either way, it really helped me. When I had my doubts about living in Germany your blog really motivated me. Second, this is one of the few blogs that came straight from the heart, and not for a commerical or wow factor. I really think that if you wrote a book, it could easily be a best seller. I hope that one day you might come back again! <3 Will really miss you! xo

  4. Oh no! I've been so with you lately on the feeling... out of sorts, I guess? I hope everything works out well with the grad school process though. I definitely commend you for taking the leap. I had my first interview today for a position that didn't involve teaching English and it was pretty much a disaster, so I'm a little sad that we won't get to join you on this journey into the Really German World. But if you make your way back to the Internetz, swing by the blog and clue me in! Best of all luck, h.

    1. Don't give up! Moving from teaching English to a 'real' German job is possible. I had friends who did it but it usually took a lot longer than they thought. Keep trying, I believe in you! :)

  5. you will be missed, but best of luck!

  6. Thank you all! I feel so touched that anyone has any interest in what I write. I might change my mind in six months or a year and start again but this is goodbye for now. And thanks again, you all made the Internet a really nice place for me to share my ideas :)

  7. Congratulations on submitting your grad school application. That's such an exciting step. But, to echo everyone else, you'll be missed here. I hope you find your way back to blogging eventually. Best of luck to you in the meantime.