Sunday, November 18, 2012

First world problem

I was awake until 2:00 a.m. last night trying to fix my washing machine.  Sophie was fussy, she wouldn't stop crying and she wouldn't fall asleep. 

If you are like me and bought a 99¢ rug from Ikea do not put it in the washing machine.  The rubber no slip backing will dissolve into thousands and thousands of small pieces that look like rubber oatmeal.  This awful substance will clog the washing machine so the dirty water can not drain.

If your washing machine is clogged there is a small hose attached to the drain that you can use to let the water out before you open it.  If you don't know this and open the drain anyway enough dirty water will gush over the kitchen floor to soak every towel in the house.  Then you'll have an entire new load of dirty laundry covered in small oatmeal like pieces of rubber.

Wet towels are surprisingly heavy.

Dissolved rubber rug backing is surprisingly difficult to rinse off towels.

Tired babies who aren't receiving enough attention because their moms are mopping up dirty water can get angry and become inconsolable.

But we're not dying of cholera.  And I have a washing machine that does laundry for me so I don't have to wash it by hand.  After spending an hour trying to wring out towels in my bathtub I have a new appreciation for the spin cycle.

I hope everyone reading this had a nice weekend.

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  1. That really stinks. Twice I have had the exploding disposable diaper problem in the dryer. Clothes covered in that gross stuff that soaks up urine. Life, you know?